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Waltzing Down the Blue Danube River in a Zille

For those looking for an escape on the water who, understandably, aren't ready to board a cruise ship yet, a smaller scale excursion on the Danube River might be just the ticket. Take a traditional Zille, a flat wooden boat that has been used for hundreds of years on the Danube in Austria and Germany. Floating across the UNESCO World Heritage Valley of Wachau in the West of Vienna, taste a few local wines with a small group of friends! If you'd prefer to stay in Vienna, you and a small group can rent a super comfortable sofa boat and discover the tranquil Old Danube. Nature lovers can board the small National Park Boat in the city center for a half day excursion to Vienna's amazing Danube Flood Plains National Park. The package includes a guided tour through the alluvial forest before the boat returns to the city.

For more information on boat rides in and around Vienna, visit Vienna Unwrapped.

Image Source: Six Star Cruises


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