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Explore Vienna with Free Apps

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Over the past few months, Austria's capital has been pushing new digital experiences to keep travellers connected to Wien. And because Vienna also wants its residents to re-discover their city, these app-based experiences are designed to provide insights into the culture capital of the world that are useful for tourists and locals alike.

Here are the best Vienna apps to download for free:

With its dynamic images and multi-level information, Vienna's brand new digital guide ushers you into the city like no other virtual experience can. By interacting with breathtaking video, users can view information on must-see sites and attractions. What I love most is the list of various walking tours, and the digital map that lets you add your own favourite spots.

Need help getting around in Vienna? The Council's live app assists commuters with an online map, lists of nearby WiFi hotspots, and public transit updates. It’s very useful, particularly for independent travellers making their own schedules.

Although the Vienna City Council's new Chatbot was initially designed for local residents, it helps tourists, too. The service is available in English in German, and is the perfect tool for getting directions or operating schedules of local attractions.

To plan your Vienna vacation, use Vienna Unwrapped's new Resources section.


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