Celebrating 25 Years

of beauty, music, and joy across North America in 2020!

The Tradition

In 1995, Salute to Vienna premiered in Toronto. Today the concert is presented annually in more than 20 major North American cities.


This performance is delightfully reminiscent of Vienna’s famous and beloved Neujahrskonzert. Over the past decade, Salute to Vienna has grown into the largest simultaneously produced live concert series of its kind in North America.

Salute to Vienna has been an official trademark of Attila Glatz Concert Productions Inc. since 1995.

Salute to Vienna has grown into the largest simultaneously produced live concert series of its kind in North America.

A Salute to Vienna for PBS

A Salute to Vienna on PBS was created by Attila and Marion Glatz, based on their world-renown North American live concert series, "Salute to Vienna". A Salute to Vienna was recorded live in the historic Wiener Konzerthaus in April 2013. Co-hosted by internationally-renowned mezzo-soprano, Frederica von Stade and Academy Award-winning actor, Maximilian Schell. A Salute to Vienna featured over 130 performers including the Symphony Orchestra of the Volksoper, Vienna, The Vienna Boys Choir, several singers (including special guest Russell Watson), and dancers from the Association Vienna State Opera Ballet. 

A Salute to Vienna continues to be aired by PBS. Check your local listings for scheduled presentations of the taped concert. 

Maura Daly Phinney

Vice President of Membership and On-Air Fundraising, PBS SoCal, Executive Producer for PBS, A Salute to Vienna


PBS was delighted to partner with Attila Glatz Concert Productions to produce the television special, A Salute to Vienna hosted by Maximilian Schell and Frederica von Stade in April 2013 from the beautiful Konzerthaus in Vienna. The program has aired over 1,250 times on PBS stations throughout America and has become a holiday tradition. Each month, PBS reaches 100 million people through television and 33 million people online, inviting them to experience the worlds of science, history, nature and public affairs and to take a front row seat to world-class drama and performances. Arts programming is a cornerstone of the PBS schedule and we are pleased that A Salute to Vienna is a part of it.

The Neujahrskonzert

Salute to Vienna's Charming Inspiration

The year 1939 marked the first performance of the Vienna New Year’s Day concert, played by the Vienna Philharmonic in the Musikverein’s Golden Hall. It now has 1.5 billion viewers each year.​


Conductor Clemens Krauss had the honour of being the first to lead what would become one of the greatest Viennese musical traditions of the century.


 On January 1, 1941, Krauss directed the first New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic. The concerts continued under his inspired direction and vision until the conductor’s death in 1954.



Subsequently, Willi Boskovsky, first concertmaster of the Philharmonic since 1949, took over the direction of the New Year’s Concert at the orchestra’s request. 


Boskovsky and the Philharmonic have communicated to millions of viewers that very special and unmistakable style of playing, imprecise and accurate at the same time, which can only be described as “Viennese.”