A Message

from the Founders and Producers
Marion and Attila Glatz
Please join us in our 26th year of concerts!
Marion Glatz
Co-Founder &
Executive Producer
Attila Glatz
Founder &
Executive Producer

Our dream has been to bring the enchantment of Vienna and it's great New Year's tradition to our friends and neighbours in Canada and the United States. We ourselves have been continually inspired by the magic of this city and it has been our mission and pleasure to play a part in ensuring this vibrant musical heritage is alive and well here at home in North America. 

Salute to Vienna is a re-creation of Vienna’s Neujahrskonzert: an annual event in Vienna unmissable for almost eight decades. Performed by the Vienna Philharmonic, the Neujahrskonzert is televised around the world. Over 1.5 billion viewers tune in every year to catch this historical event. Over the years, more than 1 million North Americans have made the live performances of Salute to Vienna their New Year's tradition, filling concert halls from coast to coast across Canada and the United States. 

By attending a Salute to Vienna concert, you become part of this growing tradition that celebrates the New Year and the City of Music, and that champions Vienna's musical heritage. We hope you enjoy its beauty and nostalgic reflection on the threshold of the New Year.  

With our very best for the year ahead!

Marion and Attila Glatz