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Five-star concert for the whole family

Salute to Vienna New Year's Concert will help you ring in 2023 with style, beauty and a dollop of laughter. Find a concert near you and book your tickets now. Looking forward to seeing you!

Acrobatics await with Thomas and Lilla!

Not just singers! Thomas and Lilla, the baritone and soprano performing in Edmonton on January 2 are dancers too! Nicholas Arnold interviews Thomas Weinhappel in the video (below!) who tells all about how he learned to dance. Spoiler: It started with Lilla! 

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Salute to Vienna New Year's Concert in Edmonton

JAN 2 ⎹  2:30 PM

Winspear Centre


The Tradition Returns

While the Waltz today is known as a glamorous dance of the highest standard, its beginnings were humble.  We recorded a short history of this – dare we say it – scandalous dance. Travel back in time with us to discover its unique origins in the suburbs of Vienna.

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