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New Recipe Ideas You Must Try at Home

Over the past few months, we’ve been spending more time in our kitchens than ever before. Whether we’re working from home, looking after our kids while schools are out of session, or just maintaining a safe social distance by staying indoors, one thing’s clear: all of us have been cycling our regular roster of recipes faster than usual. And with so many restaurants still closed for business, we’ve had to go looking for creative cooking ideas to bring a touch of variety to our household meals.

If you’ve found yourself in need of some culinary inspiration, we’ve got a full day’s worth of easy-to-make recipes straight from Vienna. Spend a day in the culture capital of the world without leaving your kitchen with these authentic, easy-to-prepare Viennese meals:

Dubbed “The Emperor’s Breakfast,” Kaiserschmarrn are so delicious, they’re often served as a dessert. These light, fluffy shredded pancakes are traditionally covered in confectioner’s sugar and served with either fresh fruit or a fruit compote. If you’ve made pancake batter before, this recipe will be a piece of cake. It may not be the lightest breakfast imaginable, but it’ll certainly be a sweet start to the day.

This simple, fast, one-pot wonder only calls for a few ingredients, but it goes a long way. Flavourful, light, but filling, it’s a vegetarian dish even the kids will enjoy. Inspired by a traditional Hungarian recipe, this goulash is packed with spices like paprika and caraway. Make sure to serve it with fresh slices of rye bread for dunking!

It wouldn’t be a day in Vienna without Austria’s signature dish: Wiener Schnitzel. Traditionally made with veal, this thinly breaded cutlet can be prepared using pork or chicken, so long as the meat is pounded thinly to achieve that perfect texture. Serve with a lemon wedge, and a side of Erdäpfelsalat, the light, refreshing Austrian take on potato salad.

Dessert: Apple Strudel

With simple, delicious ingredients, classic apple strudel is the perfect dessert to cap off your culinary Viennese vacation. Although surprisingly easy to make from scratch, baking the best strudel will take time and patience. Be sure not to spread your dough too thinly before adding the filling, or it might tear when rolling. When it’s ready, top it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Trying out these new recipes at home can make for a fun family activity to fill some time at home. We hope we’ve inspired you to spice up your days by trying something new. And who knows? These dishes might find their way into your regular meal schedule!


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