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Vienna's Wine: a treat for the senses

Going from a fast-paced daily routine to a slower, quieter lifestyle (without concerts to present this summer!) has allowed us to move through our days more mindfully. We have come to really appreciate the moments of quiet reflection, like relaxing with wonderful music and a nice glass of wine. 

Did you know that the city of Vienna produces 2.8 million litres of wine each year? Vienna’s vineyards — which cover about 700 hectares of land — are one of the many things that make it such a magical place. Of both cultural and environmental significance, the vineyards are so highly treasured that they are protected by a Viennese law that states that they must be cultivated and the land cannot be used for other purposes.

It may seem strange to think of a major city being able to harvest the number of grapes needed to keep this industry running, but this fun fact is largely due to geographic luck. The city’s outer districts to the north and west open to rolling hillsides, with the perfect soil and weather conditions — largely in part to the proximity to the Danube river — to produce a diverse variety of grapes.  <