Salute to Vienna is a Celebration!

With this extravaganza of beautiful music, dazzling costumes, and brilliant performances by Europe’s finest singers, dancers, and conductors, take joy in the stories of romance, humor, and adventure that will play out before you!

Celebrate the New Year with a Sensational Concert featuring 
European Singers, Dancers & Full Orchestra!

Step back in time to Vienna's Golden Age!

Celebrate the New Year with a joyful spectacle featuring celebrated European singers, dazzlingly costumed dancers, and a full symphony orchestra. The exuberant music of Johann Strauss and his contemporaries springs to vibrant life with selections from beloved operettas, elegant dances, lively overtures, and the beautiful Blue Danube Waltz. 


Salute to Vienna recreates the beloved Neujahrskonzert, hosted each year in Vienna’s legendary Musikverein. The short, effervescent pieces performed in the concert are brought to life by ballroom dancing and ballet, ushering audiences into the New Year with the charm of the old world.


In troubled times, music brings us together, reminding us of art’s enduring power to strengthen communities. Energetic, lighthearted, and full of romance, Salute to Vienna New Year’s Concert is a celebration of music, beauty, and the limitless possibilities each New Year brings.


Join us!

​Marion & Attila Glatz

Founders & Executive Producers

Having grown up in Austria and Hungary, the annual Neujahrskonzert was a tradition our co-founders brought with them to Canada when they emigrated. Today, the concert series they launched in 1995 is a North American tradition in its own right and sells out concert halls across Canada and the United States each New Year's season.

For their tireless dedication and passion in cultivating and promoting Viennese musical traditions, co-founders Marion and Attila Glatz were awarded the Austrian Government’s Decoration of Merit in Gold. 

Thank You
These concerts are made possible by the support and friendship of our friends and partners. 
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