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Online Treasures of Virtual Vienna

As I write this, I think about my family who lives close to Vienna, and all the activities we love to do together in the city. Since COVID-19 has prevented us from enjoying these attractions in person, let's all enjoy these top online treasures of virtual Vienna: The Albertina Museum has put a few amazing works of art online that spring to life right in front of your eyes. For example, in Claude Monet's House Among the Roses, viewers can see through the painting and see the actual house the work is based on. Download the Artivive app to enable these augmented reality views. Luxury and Poverty in Art Climate, Art and, Catastrophe Body, Cult, and Art These are some examples of the 10 virtual tours curated by Vienna's Museum of Fine Arts (Kunsthistorisches Museum). Using the KHM Stories app, virtual museum guests can learn about different phenomena in society, politics, art, and the environment through the centuries. Finally, throughout the month of April, the Vienna State Opera will live-stream filmed versions of past opera productions for audiences to enjoy live, or for a limited time following the initial streaming time.

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