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Cool Off: The Best Al Fresco Dining in Vienna

If you know Vienna in the summer, then you know the best air conditioning is found in the historic passageways and leafy, quiet inner courtyards of houses in the bustling city center, known as Pawlatschen. One of my favorite places for al fresco dining in the city is the Silberwirt tavern, located in a building complex from the 14th century. The tavern cools guests between thick brick walls and swaying ivy. Similarly, the forgotten passageway and lush vines of the eponymous Durchhaus Tavern temper even the most sizzling late afternoons. I also frequent Thomas and Angela Schreiner's snug oasis in their historic Viennese townhouse in Neubau in steamy summer months when I am looking for a respite from the heat.

Cheers to summer! ~Barbara

Image of the Durchhaus Tavern by Gerhard Wasserbauer

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