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Zsolt Vadász


Zsolt Vadász

Since 2001, Zsolt Vadász has been a member of the Budapest Operetta Theatre, regularly performing in a wide variety of operetta roles. He has appeared on stages throughout Hungary, including the National Theatre of Győr, Csokonai Theatre, the National Theatre of Miskolc, the National Theatre of Pécs, as well as the JK Tyl Theatre in the Czech Republic. Mr. Vadász frequently tours internationally with productions and concerts, and has performed in major cities across the USA and Canada, as well as in Germany, Russia, Italy, Australia, Japan, China, Kazakhstan, Oman, Qatar, Brunei, Dubai, and the Philippines. He portrayed Rosillon in Merry Widow at the Dubai Opera and Prince Edwin in Gypsy Princess at the Katara Opera House in Doha. In addition to his many operetta roles, Mr. Vadász regularly performs opera roles and has been featured in several television recordings.

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