Interview with dancer, Irina Solovyova

Irina Solovyova is a ballet dancer with the Kiev-Aniko Ballet. This past year was her first time dancing in Salute to Vienna. 


We interviewed her after the concerts and loved her creative thinking and drive to succeed: this is a dancer's dancer!


What is your favourite musical composition?

Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons"


What languages do you speak?

Russian,  Ukrainian, and English


Are you reading a good book right now?

I am reading Purpose.


What is your favourite breakfast?

My ideal breakfast is a choreographic hall filled with different styles of choreography I can consume for sustenance.... Then I eat muesli with milk.


Where is home for you?

My family home.


What do you enjoy most about performing in Salute to Vienna?

The pleasant people, and the beauty of the art we are participating in making.


What do you love to do, other than dancing?

To sleep, eat, rest somewhere in the warm regions of the planet.


What is your favourite city to perform in? Why?



What are your next plans for your career?

It remains a mystery!


What is the most challenging part of your job as a dancer? And the most exciting?

The strength of the spirit and willpower needed to do the job: it's work тяжелая работа "hard work" and it is sometimes difficult to overcome one's shortcomings. The exciting part is the stage, the spectators, and in the end, the applause, which gives me a certain incentive to improve and to reach for my goals.


Who is your favourite person to travel with? Why?

A good company, and no matter where.


Describe your perfect New Year’s Eve. Who are you with, where are you and what are you doing?

My ideal New Year's Eve party consists of people who are kind and dear to me  -- this is my family.  



Image courtesy of Irina Solovyova

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