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Remembering Gary Corrin

Gary Corrin shaped Salute to Vienna New Year’s Concert and Bravissimo! from the wings for decades. As Principal Librarian, he carefully selected repertoire to create engaging performances, meticulously prepared the orchestral parts and conductors’ scores, distributed that music to orchestras across North America, and even performed in the orchestra here in Toronto to watch over the concert from the inside. Gary had an unwavering commitment to excellence, refusing to take shortcuts, and year after year, he made sure that the markings pencilled in on the music left no room for uncertainties. His diligent work behind the scenes allowed musicians across the continent to focus on simply making magic. We will cherish our memories of him fondly and carry forward his legacy of excellence in every concert we undertake. Gary, this one’s for you.

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 Farewell to Gary Corrin

Auld Lang Syne at Salute to Vienna New Year's Concert

Andrea Warren, Vice-President of Marketing at Salute to Vienna, chats with Nicholas Arnold, Senior Manager of Marketing, singing Auld Lang Syne at Salute to Vienna New Year's Concert.

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